How to recover a facebook password?


So guys today we will discuss that how to recover a facebook password?
Lets begins,
Facebook has provided two types of services that help you recover from your Facebook account’s password reset.
(1) By using Google Account
(2) By using Mobile Number
1) By Using Google Account: – You can use Gmail to reset your facebook password.
1. Open your Facebook account as soon as possible (chrome or firefox).
2. Is this a bad facebook my forgetton account? Click on the main menu.

facebook login page

3. If this is the case of the Find Your Account, please enter your email address, the mobile number or the search button, and click on the Search button.
Note: – You have to register your email address, your mobile number, or your Facebook account, which will not be deleted.
You can reset your facebook account or reset it.
find your account
4. If you want to reset your password to your computer, please enter three options. Click  to continue using your Google Account.
Reset your password using email account
5. Click  to go to your Gmail account / yahoo account / rediffmail account and click on the next button.
Enter your gmail account and click on next
6. If you want to login with your password, you can redeem your account.
click on allow button
7. If you are trying to delete a Google account, please register your Google Account. Click on OK button.
8. Click  to continue your new password for your password.
choose your new password
9. What is the process of changing your password to your computer, and you have given two options.
Password changed from all other devices
(a) Log out from Other Devices: – This message is matched with the ability to login to the devices where you are logged out and login and login with your new password.
(b) Stay logged in In: – If you want to login to your Facebook account, then enter your password and enter your password and login to the new password.

So this is all about the topic.
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