Advantages of Computer


Today, the PC is utilized in each field and has filled our heart with joy to day errands simple yet there are a few favorable advantages.
Advantages of Computers
Variety – Computer offers different types of tasks based on archived instructions. Computer is used in medical, making graphic, in music creation, in entertainment, in sports making videos etc.
Educational Benefits – Many computer programs by which students can study their various subjects. These types of special programs are called Tutor Program. Does this program present content in a simple and understandable way.
Employment Opportunities – Computer has created new areas of employment. Computerization of Government NGOs and Private Companies is available for qualifying qualified people to computer trained persons.
Assistance for disabled people – With the help of computer, can a disabled person complete his living and physical needs.
For entertainment – Computer is a perfect tool for fun. Various types of games can be played through this, can audio, video and music be enjoyed.
Speed: – The speed of working computer is very high. Solves complex calculations even within a few seconds. A computer calculate billions of arithmetic in a single second.
Reliability – The computer only calculates on the instructions that it has been provided. If the correct instructions are given, the result is 100% correct, but if the instructions are not correct then the results will not be found correct.
Productivity – With the use of computer, more product can be obtained in a certain time and less labour. Is it possible to make more profit in production by installing computerized machines in production units.
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