Advantages of Internet


What is internet
The internet is a large network, which is a kind of wire and information is shared throughout the world through the same wire. That information can be anything like image, text, , Audio (audio), video (video) or anything else. All this information is stored in a server. And whenever a user searches any information, then the internet removes that data from the server (retrieve) and shows the user. When we share data through the network, a protocol is used with another computer. It is called Internet Protocol (IP)
The biggest way to send information is to be the largest network in the world. All the computers in the world are connected. So  it is the world’s largest network. It is also called the World Wide Web (www) or the World Wide Network.
History of Internet
The origin of the internet since almost 50 years ago. In 1962 J C R Liklider kept the Internet’s perception. Which was previously called the galactic network. Which was used to access a lot of other computers to access their data.
The origin of the internet was from ARPANET (advance research project agency network). In 1969, the largest part of America’s Defense Department was ARPANET
A network was initially created to transfer the secret message via computer, which was named ARPAnet.
ARPAnet was initially used to connect the 5 computers of the United State.
Initially, it was used as a private network. Until the 1970s, it had been connected to different countries of the world and then its name was given the Internet.
Then as the world grew its influence and it became known to the people, it spread to all the cities of the world.
History of Internet in India
The history of Internet in India is very old. Initially used to be very expensive but along with the passing time it is present in every village of India. It was started by the company of the Indian government VSNL (videsh sanchar Nigam limited). It used to be so expensive that it was used only in an ORGANISSATION. According to the changing times, the people of India used to spend hours of money in this internet CAFE.
After 2016, everything changed. The only AC TELECOM company whose name is jio has made the internet so cheap that India is now number three in the use of internet in the whole world. Besides, as well as reaching the village to the village, Kerbian was free for 6 months.
It had come to India in the decade of the 1990s, Videsh sanchar Nigam limited, the largest company of its time, used it first.
In 1998, the email site Rediffmail started and the first cyber cafe was opened in Mumbai.
Until 2000, the technology act was implemented in India.
In 2001, the online train website was launched.
During a research, we came to know that India is in third place in using the internet. This research was done by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).
There are over 142 internet service providers (ISP) in India. Which provide us the Internet. The main internet service provider. Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea etc.
Advantages of Internet
1 We can do a lot through internet. If the Internet is used properly then it has many advantages. As we use it, there are advantages of communication, online services, learning and learning.
2 Through the Internet, we can talk to people present in any corner of the world in very little money.
3 They can share their data with them, and the data can be anything text, audio, Video (video) etc.
We can also do video calling with the people sitting away from us through the Internet.
4 Through the internet, we can take advantage of the online service. Such as online shopping, net banking, job search. Booking tickets etc. We can sit at home in very short time.’
5 Internet is the source of unlimited information. In which we can find about anything and find a lot of information about it.
 6 We can answer any question through internet. (Google Search)
7 Through internet, we can share our information through email.
8 Nowadays many social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. are used.


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