Battle of Plassey


The Battle of Plassey was the result of the struggle of Nawab Sirajuddaula of Bengal and East India Company. This war has very important and lasting results. Battle of Plassey, which took place in 1757 AD, was a war that established the British power in India.
The then Bengal state and the English selfishness gave East India Company an opportunity to interfere in Bengal politics. Alivardi Khan, who was formerly the Nieb-Nizam of Bihar, took advantage of political upheaval after Aurangzeb’s death. He increased his power so much. He was an ambitious person. He defeated the then Nawab of Bengal, Sarfaraz Khan in the war, and himself became Nawab.
Alivardi Khan died on 9th April. Alivardi Khan did not have any children, so after the death of her, who will be the next Nawab, for this some people have started conspiracy for succession. But in his lifetime, Alivardi nominated Sirajuddaula, son of his youngest daughter, as his successor. That’s exactly what happened. Sirajuddaula is the Nawab of Bengal.
Conflicts between Sirajuddaula and the British.
Sirajuddaula ordered the British to destroy Fort William Fort, which the British rejected. The angry Nawab invaded in May 1756. On June 20, 1756 AD, the Nawab also became the ruler of Kasim Bazar.
After that Sirajuddaula also took control of Fort William. Before being authorized, English governor Drake escaped with his wife and children and took refuge in an island named Fulta. The surviving British army had to surrender in Calcutta. Nawab returned to his capital Murshidabad after capturing many British prisoners and giving the responsibility of Manikchand to Calcutta.
In the same situation, the “black hole tragedy” decreased, which made the relations of the Nawab of Bengal and Bengal even more bitter. It is said that 146 Britishers, including their women and children, were locked in a cell in Fort William, in which many people died due to suffocation.
When news of this incident reached Madras, the British got very angry and they decided to take revenge from Sirajuddaula. Soon, Lord Clive and Watson landed from Madras to Calcutta and took the bribe of Nawab’s officers into their favor. As a result, Manikchand handed over to Calcutta English without any resistance. Later the British took control over the Hooghly. In such a situation, the Nawab had to compromise with the British.

Treaty of alinagar.

On February 9, 1757, Clive had a treaty with the Nawab (Alinagar Pact), according to which all Mughal emperor had to return all the facilities given to the British. Nawab was forced to return the entire seized factories and property to the British. The company also got the amount of compensation from the Nawab. The Nawab was feeling very humiliated inside.
war of Plassey
The British were not satisfied with this treaty. They wanted to remove Sirajuddaula from the throne and want to build a loyal Nawab who did what he said and did not interfere in his work. Clive started plotting against Nawab. He made a secret treaty with Mir Jafar and gave him the desire to make a Nawab. In return, Mirjafar assured the British to give fortnight to fortify Kasim Bazar, Dhaka and Calcutta, to give Rs. 1 crore and bear the army’s expenditure. In this conspiracy Jagat Seth, Rai Rare and Amichand also joined the British.
Now Clive accused Nawab of breaking the Treaty of Alinagar. At this time the situation of the Nawab was extremely pathetic. The situation of the threat from the invasion of the court and the invasion of Ahmed Shah Abdali gave him even more intimidation. He tried to make Mirzafar aside but failed. After dismissing the Nawab’s weakness, Clive left with the army. Nawab also left the capital and proceeded further. On June 23, 1757, the battle between the two armies of Plassey took place. This war was a nominal war. A large part of the Nawab’s army did not participate in the war. Despite the internal weakness, Siraj-ud-Dawla’s army, led by Miramdan and Mohanlal, fought hard against the British army. But Sirajuddaula had to lose due to Mirjafar’s betrayal. He ran away, but Mirzafar’s son, Miran, caught him and killed him.
War outcomes.
The results of the Battle of Plassey turned out to be very broad and lasting. Its influence lies in the company, Bengal and Indian history.
1. Mir Zafar declared the Nawab of Bengal as a clive. He gave a huge amount to the company and Clive, and the British also got many benefits as per the treaty.
2. A nawab came upon the throne of Bengal, which was the puppet of the hands of the British.
3.The Battle of Plassey made the British control over the politics of Bengal.
4.The British now became the source of mercantile power.
5.Its moral consequences were very bad on Indians. A merchant company came to India and removed it from the throne by insulting the Subedar of the richest province from here and remained watching the Mughal Emperor Tamasha.
6.Even from the economic point of view, the British started exploiting Bengal.With the inspiration from this war, Clive further established English power in Bengal.Based on the money received from Bengal, the British conquered the French in the south.


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