What is Kyoto Protocol?


In relation to the environment, in 1992, certain criteria were set in accordance with which the Kyoto Treaty was formed in 1997.
After making some modifications in the provisions of this treaty, it was finalized in 2002 during the negotiations on climate in Germany. Under this treaty, industrialized countries are committed to ending the pollution caused by greenhouse gases.
According to this, these countries have to bring these gases, especially carbon dioxide, below the level of five percent in the next ten years. These gases are considered responsible for climate change

What are the goals under this treaty?
According to the Kyoto Treaty, all those countries have to confirm this treaty which releases 55 percent of the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. And they have to reduce this amount between 2008 and 2012 to five percent. Every country signing this treaty has also agreed to achieve its personal goal. Countries in the EU agree to reduce the current volume of these gases by eight percent and Japan is reduced to five percent.
Russia was initially hesitant to sign the Kyoto Treaty, but eventually President Putin combined Russia with the Kyoto Treaty.
Why is Russia finally willing to accept this treaty?
In this case, economic less political benefits are more visible.
There has been such things that if Russia accepts the Kyoto treaty, then its involvement in the World Health Organization can get strong support from the European Union.
But there are still concerns in Russia that accepting the Kyoto Treaty can have a big effect on Russia’s economic interests.
Is the Kyoto Treaty being implemented properly?
Before signing this Russia, many countries had feared that this treaty is now in its last days.
But joining Russia has brought new life into it.
To be accepted under the international law of this treaty, it is necessary to sanction it in the country which is responsible for the leakage of 55 percent of the gases of the green house group at the level of 1990. The treaty was severely damaged in March 2001 It was felt when US President George Bush announced that he would never sign the treaty.

Why did the USA drag their hand?

US President George W. Bush had said that accepting the Kyoto Treaty was very harmful to the American economy. The American administration had said that the treaty was inaccurate and that there was no law for the reduction of the green house group’s disposal of gases on developing countries. 

However, Bush has surely said that he has the right to reduce the amount of these gases through voluntary action and new technology.

How long is it to be executed?

If the deal is to be implemented in 2008, countries that sign it and 39 industrialized nations will also have to reduce the level of polluting gas. The United States was the world’s largest pollutant by these gases until 1990 and it had about 36 percent of the release of these gases in the environment.
The EU is credited for the revised Kyoto Treaty.

Under this, countries like Russia were given some concession because its forests reduced the effect of carbon dioxide to some extent.
But even after many concessions, developed countries such as America are not ready to accept it.

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