What is a domain?

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What is a domain?
When alluding to an Internet address or name an area or domain name is the area of a site. For instance, the domain name “google.com” focuses to the IP address “”, yet it is for the most part less demanding to recall a name instead of a long series of numbers. A domain name can be a greatest of sixty-three characters with one character least, and is entered after the convention in the URL, as should be obvious in the accompanying precedent.
The system runs the domain. It is called DNS. DNS means DNS in the Domain Name System short; This is the main address of your site. Or web address
Whether a domain is necessary or can work without it, yes, initially there were no IP address, not the Web address, the full name of the IP address is Internet Protocol Address, today’s IP address Without an IP address, the computer can not be connected to the Internet or any network (Network).
What does the Domain Name System (DNS) work?
The Domain Name System is a domain name system that changes the type of domain that you type into an IP address, directs your name server to search for this IP and if you reach it, talk about it. The nameserver is the official name server of the domain on the Internet, and the name server information will be from the same website as the website you register your domain. If you take a domain from Bluehost that is the responsibility of the nameserver of Bluehost, take the user to your site.
Parts of Domain Name
https is an Internet protocol, some rules have been created on the Internet for every website URL. These rules are called Internet Protocol and each URL follows these rules. These are two types – the first is http and the other is https http full form of hypertext Transfer Protocol, whereas the full form of https Hypertext Transfer Protocol is secure if a site appears with a “https” and a symbol of the locks with a green bar. This means that this site meets the SSL standard and is safe.
After this here you will see www is its full form. World Wide Web This is a subdomain of this URL.com ie Extension. Both of them together create a domain name. This is unique for the website i.e. if you have registered a domain name with any name, then another domain name with that name Can not register for example, for example, the second domain name can not be registered with the name of  example.com, but with any other extension you can get the name of example.in or example.co.in Can register domain name
Types of Domain Extensions.
Domain Extension displays the category of the site. The name of the site is anything you can keep, but the range is determined. Like –com.org.gov are some of the most popular domain extensions.
Extension are of two types –

Top-Level Domains.
Top level domains are one of the most commonly used domain names, other than Google, search engines also offer top level domains. Some major top-level domains are as follows:
For Comic Commercial Website
For .org Organization Websites
More for the .edu Educational website
.gov are used for the government website
2- Country Code Top Level Domains.
The country code top-level domain is different for every country and by looking at it, you can tell that the website domain name is of which country –
dotin for india.in.
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