What is seo(search engine optimisation)?

So today our topic is  What is seo(search engine optimisation)? We will discuss in this article that how seo is very important for website.Many people dont know about seo.So I will tell how to rank your website on a google.

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What is Seo?
The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Seo is a process that lets you search engine algorithms for your website by using a search engine or organic result.
What is SEO Key?
For every search engine that has passed the search results, it has been algorithmically verified. Whenever someone searches for a particular user search engine, then search the search engine us user and search the exact result of the query.
The user has to search the results for the result and to search the results of the website, and to see if there is a website that has the algorithm of the search engine.website has a ranking of the search engine’s algorithm, that is, to algorithm its website, and if it’s a website that has the rank of a bad user and the search engine results pages it will be your website.
Is the SEO engine optimization or SEO optimization?
If you want to add a search engine algorithm or metrics, then you are asked to do so.I am searching for a user search engine that says “best SEO service in India”.To search engine’s search engine, you have a great website, which is the best way to find the best service in India, or to search the website of your website, or to search the results of your website?To search engine Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing and other people have been algorithmic algorithms.
The search engine’s algorithm has some rules that make it difficult for me to understand, I do not even want to send any information, such as information or information, nor do I have any rules, but you have made me understandTo do rules, the website will show you the first search engine or any other search engine.
Types of SEO.
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Gray Hat SEO
If they are to market themselves to SEO, then there are types.
On page SEO
Off Page SEO.

1. White Hat SEO.
To find out what the white hat SEO search engine is in the algorithm, just follow your website’s user friendly,the right to use the website, or if you have a user who has been using the website, then you have the right to use the website and you will also be able to access the information you need.
If you have a search engine on your website, please submit your search engine to your own rules and regulations or to confirm that you have followed the rules.White hat SEO is the only way to get your website ranked in the longest time, but for a long time, you can still visit the website for more information.
2. Black Hat SEO.
Black Hat has the right to search engine algorithm for any search engine that has a search engine’s search engine ranking that has the ability to rank your website.Black Hat SEO’s help website will not be able to provide you with any of the following criteria.If you have a search engine, please visit your website or panel page or search engine results pages.Whenever there is a SEO service from another client, we will use the same type of media as the primary purpose of the company.
3. Gray Hat SEO.
Gray hat SEO’s means has not been white and has neither black hat nor is it a hat, SEO he used gray hat seo.Grey hat seo  tricks used to use me as white hat seo  and tricks black hat seo me me, why do i use  black hat seo.
If you are interested in doing so from your market, then you have to type it on page seo and Off page SEO.
On Page SEO
We also use the search engine algorithm for the web page of our web page to change (optimize).If you want to add more words to your page on the page, then use the website for your website, which is also the process of use on page optimization.This website has been updated to the website of SEO for more information.
1 Keyword Research.

There is a lot of research for search engine optimization.Keywords are the types of hikes that have long tail keywords, short keywords, LSI.If you want to use the keyword’s keyword, you can use either the keyword or the content of your search engine to get a 2.5% density of your keywords.It will affect the search engine by using the keyword stuffing gene.
2 Image optimization for seo.
To optimize the image of the website, you can optimize the image.For example, if you want to upload an image of your site to a loading time, or if you want to upload the image of the small size, then upload the image to the image of the quality that will be available.If you want to upload an image of the image, please use it to compress it, then you can add it to your website.You can add images to your images and tag description tags.
If there is an increase in the speed of the internet, then the image will not be loaded on all the pages of the tag and the image of the image will be shown to you in the search engine’s search engine, the search engine will not be able to search the image.
3 Meta Tags.
If you want to use the blogger then you have to add it.meta tags, title tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, etc.The search engine results pages have been added to any of your web pages, and the tags and description tags are displayed on the tab.The meta tags that do not translate into any of the user’s searches have been added to the search engine.
4 Site structure.
The site structure of the website  is high. Site structure can be easily accessed by the menu on your website and the options are easy to access.No user has ever tried to navigate through any page.It is a website that is responsive to your site, and has been advised that a mobile user is using any of the user’s mobile phones to open or use the search results.
5 Website loading speed.
To speed up the website’s ranking, you will be able to download the website fast.Optimize your theme for the website’s loading speed. and also the server’s response time.Image should also be displayed in lower size and compression.
6 Post content.
On page SEO, the important factor is the post content, to which you want to post content.Basically, I do not know how many things I have been able to do.If you opt out of natural discovery, then you will be able to optimize and black hat so that you can go to the website rank and go to Google’s new algorithm update to your website.
Off Page SEO.

1 Social sharing.

Is the topic of the title of which you talked about your community, you have been given me, this is the social sharing off page seo, which is one of the important factors.Visit the social media website on facebook, twitter to get an article from your website, search engine optimization for more information.Share the article on the Social Media article, which can also be used by your domain authority.
2 Search engine submission.
If you want to edit your article on your website, why do not you submit any search engine to your website or do you want to cancel your website traffic?You have to submit your website to the search engine as soon as possible.Search engine optimization is available on google, yahoo, bing, aol, ask par website
3 Directory submission.
If you are going to online using a web site, then you can submit your website to your website using the same directory.The directory has been divided into two categories of websites which have been added to the website as it has been matched.You can search Google for information such as “Online directory submission” or “submit my website to directory” and then you can go to the websites where you can submit your website.Seo experts have suggested that Google has recently updated the algorithm of a bad directory submission that does not have any value, but if there is no any other directory, then you can submit it to your website.
4 Link building for seo.

This article is the most important topic to link back to your website.If you do not have any backlink on your website, you do not have to back a link to your website that has no backlinks to your website, yet Google’s ranking is not available.Too many people have some kind of backlinks  do not even know what you are talking about, why do you want to ban you and your website will rank well.Backlink has a great quality of Backlinks have been able to use most of the things you can use to access the web site, but if you can not use it, you can use the spam list and keep the high quality backlinks.
5 Article submission.
The article submission social bookmarking was done, but now you have the right to submit your website’s quality article.You can submit your article on Google for “article submission wesbites” by going to the right list.
Guest posting.

Guest posting is a great way to publish and publish your article on a website or blog.Guest posting is a great way to send backlinks to the book and also to the traffic.You have a blog or a website which is very useful for you, and you have to check the list of your blog or website, or whether the website has accepted the post.
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