Benefits of brinjal.

So today we will discuss (benefits of brinjal).Brinjal is very healthy  for our health.But many people don’t like brinjal.They don’t like the taste of brinjal.So for those people who don’t like brinjal I will tell you some important (benefits of brinjal).So I hope this article helps you  in your healthy future.So without wasting of time lets start (benefits of brinjal).
Benefits of brinjal.
1. For hair
Extra abundant minerals, vitamins and water in eggplant strengthen the roots of hair strengthen. For this, take a small eggplant and make it rub on your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Now wash the hair with lukewarm water and light shampoo.
2. For digestion
Dietary fiber present in it, is essential for gastrointestinal health and regular activity of the bowel. It enhances the activities of our bowel, which makes digestion correct. Fiber eventually stimulates secretion of gastric juices, so that nutrients are absorbed through the processing of foods. Fiber is beneficial in the problem of cardiovascular disease.
3. For diabetes
The amount of fiber found in brinjal is high, while soluble carbohydrate is found in small amounts which help to regulate diabetes. It balances glucose and insulin activity and helps in problems like diabetes.
4. For the brain
Phytonutrients found in eggplants work as boosters for cognitive activity and general mental health. It also protects the body and the brain from toxic substances and diseases while protecting it from free radicals. Help to increase blood flow in the brain too.
5. For Cancer
Antioxidants present in it protect our immune system by protecting us from various types of diseases. It enhances their activity by producing white blood cells in the blood. The manganese found in it is a natural antioxidant. Abscess non-nanin and chlorogenic acid free radicals are present in it.
6. Keeping the heart healthy

It enhances cholesterol by reducing the presence of bad cholesterol in the body. Balance of cholesterol in the body decreases on the basis of food. Biorphalovonoids are found in eggplant which help in reducing blood pressure.

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