Effects of Depression.


So today our topic is (Effects of Depression).Depression is very serious for a person.It destroys the person.This is very dangerous for our health.Depression occurs from the negative thoughts If you continuosly thinking a negative thoughts so you will go in a stage of depression.In this article I will tell you (Effects of Depression).So without wasting of any time,
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Effects of Depression.
The person feels very sad and hopeless.
Depression is commonly known as a mood disorder which causes change in your thoughts, experiences, and behaviors. A person suffering during this disorder usually feels a sense of depression and despair. Within a few days, due to depression, the person feels very sad and unhappy. Therefore, after showing these signs, it is necessary that you take care of them as these emotions are different from being frustrated with a slight problem and their effect remains for a long time.
Depression affects your brain badly because of a mental illness.
Depression usually affects our brain’s hippocampus, amigdala and prefrontal cortex parts. Hippocampus is our main part of Dimga. It is responsible for the low production of cortisol and to store our memory. Cortisol is a stress hormone whose levels increase as we experience physical stress and mental stress.
The problem of depression arise when cortisol production is more due to the presence of stress or chemical imbalance in the body. Increasing levels of cortisol in the body causes problems in the formation of brain cells or neurons. These neurons are made in a part of the hippocampus in the dentate gyrus. Due to depression, pre-existing neurons tend to shrink, so that you have trouble remembering things.
During the depression the level of cortisol increases in the body.
On the other hand, the prefrontal cortex, which is the front part of our brain, helps in the main functioning of the brain. This part works to create emotions, decision making and memories. When the level of cortisol increases during the depression, the size of this part starts decreasing. Due to the depression, this part can not work properly. Due to this, other hormones and chemicals are released in the body due to which the imbalance increases.
How the Treatment Helps Depression
Treatment of depression requires that the level of cortisol be balanced. Apart from this, it is also important to reduce the level of chemicals in the body. Also some natural methods and therapies also help to get rid of depression.
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