What is a Cripps Mission?


What is a Cripps Mission?
Because of the continued victory of Japan in World War II and the deteriorating situation of the Allies, British Prime Minister Churchill sent Stafford Cripps to India in March, 1942 to remove the political stalemate of India. Cripps were personal friends of Pandit Nehru. Indians had many hopes from them. The British government had sent the cripps to India for a number of other reasons.
.Congressional view of Gandhiji’s leadership.
.British opinion poll.
.Threat of Japan.
.Allied pressure on Britain.
The threat of Azad Hind Fauji etc.
Mr. Stafford Cripps came to India on March 22, 1942. He met the representatives of the Congress, Muslim League, Hindu Mahasabha, etc. in his twenty days of his stay in India. Thereafter, on March 29, 1942 AD published his proposal. This proposal is called “Cripps Yojana”. By the way, the proposal can be divided into two parts – (1) the proposal to be implemented after the war (2) in the immediate applicable or transfer period Proposals to be applied. But in terms of convenience, the following was the main points of the cripps motion.
1.The British Government has decided to take definite steps for the development of early self-government in India.
2.At the end of the war, new elections will be held for provincial assemblies and a constitutional gathering meeting will be formed in India, in which the British will be the representatives of both India and the princely states.
3.It was also stated in the Cripps proposal that if India wanted, it would be able to break the relation with the Commonwealth.
4.The responsibility of the security of India in the delicate time of the war will be on the British Government.
All the above said work can be done with the help of Indians.
Although the cripps offer was very good with the proposal of August, 1940 AD still the Indians could not satisfy the Cripps proposal. Gandhi expressed his strong reaction on this and told Cripps that if your snake was the same proposition, why did you try to come? If this is your plan in relation to India, then I would advise you to go back to England with the next plane. He said that on a thorough study of the cripps proposals, it becomes clear that the cripps proposal is utterly unsatisfactory. The Congress was demanding freedom of whole India. As a result, the British government withdrew the cripps proposals on April 11, 1942.
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