What is backlink?


So today our topic is (what is backlink?).Backlinks are  very important for our blogging journey.Backlinks helps in blogging journey it will also increase your traffic in your future.Many people don’t know about backlinks.So I will covering all the topics of  backlinks in this article.I hope this article helps you in your blogging journey.So without wasting of any time lets start (what is backlink?).
What is backlink?
Backlink “is one of the most commonly used words in the world of” Search Engine Optimization “(SEO). When a link to a webpage or website is linked to another website, it is called Backlink. Generally speaking, when I put my website link on another website it will be called backlink of my website. Backlinks play a very decisive role to rank any website in the search engine. Or linking to a website with another website is called backlink.
Types of backlinks.
There are two types. 
1. Dofollow Backlinks
 2. Nofollow Backlinks 
Dofollow Backlinks:
Google introduced the concept of Dofollow backlink in 2005 to reduce spam link index in search engine and to improve search engine results.
The Dofollow backlink is also called Juicy links. Dofollow links are helpful in increasing the SERP of any website that is, Search Engine Ranking Position.
Friends like I put my link to another website, after that when google or another robot search engine crawls links to that website, then #Dofollow’s tag allows robot to index links. I.e. the link that I have inserted on another website, will link the search engine to that link. This is called dofollow backlink only.
Nofollow Backlinks
Nofollow links are not juicy links, and indexes in this type of backlink google or search engine are not. When a robot of google or search engine visits a website, the tag of nofollow prevents robot from indexing that link which is nofollow backlinks. But this does not mean that nofollow backlinks are of no use. Nofollow backlinks also help to increase the rank of the website, but it does not give much benefits compared to dofollow backlinks. But whenever you make backlinks, you should also make nofollow links of dofollow. Because there is a lot of such authority website where making nofollow links gives you a lot of traffic which is very important for your website.
Backlinks play an important role in Google’s first page lane, if all metrics of google are followed when creating backlinks, the results are surprisingly obvious. So let’s know how to make backlinks.
Comments Backlinks.
These types of links are made by commenting on a post on another website. Generally this type of backlink falls into the nofollow backlink category. But no one is benefiting your website in any way, so it is also very important to make comment backlinks.
Guest Post Backlinks.
Writing a post for another website, linking your website or article into text anchor, links generated are called guest post backlinks. Backlinks created by posting guests mostly dofollow backlinks. This type of backlink site is able to bring the rank of search engine up very fast.
Profile backlink.
 This is a website where you get the profile backlink, these dofollow se nofollow. Such backlinks are also very useful and are helpful in increasing SERP.
Internal backlinks. 
Whenever you write an article, you must give a link to your other post’s web page. I have already told you that such links also play a very good role to increase the value of your site.
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