What is web hosting?


What is web hosting?
Web hosting is a service in which we store the data of our website with the help of internet on the online server and we have to pay rent in exchange for this service. Just like any memory card is required to save any file, movie, songs or image in any mobile phone. In order to store any website or web page content or any blog, music, picture, video etc., we need web hosting.
What is a Web Hosting Service Provider.
Companies that provide web hosting services are called web hosting providers. We can buy this hosting from web hosting provider companies. There are many best web hosting provider companies in India that provide web hosting, among which companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Bigrock, Godady are very popular. Now you have understood this as what web hosting is and what is the best hosting provider company.
How does web hosting work?
Whenever we put a file on our hosting pane, that file is stored in the web server. Whenever a user opens the URL of your website, then this web server accepts that user’s request and gives the copy of the files of the website through the Internet to the user’s computer or mobile, and the user accessed by the user, the user’s computer Opens on.A web server is a software that accesses the web page that the user has accessed through the Internet to the consumer’s computer. 
Web Hosting Types.
Types of Web Hosting
Web hosting is of 2 types. Let’s know how these 2 types of hosting are different from each other.Lets know about them.
Shared Hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
What is Shared Hosting?

The name shared by the name of shared hosting seems to have a stake in it. This means that many types of websites are hosted on the same server in this type of hosting and this server is called a physical server. In shared hosting we find everything that helps in running a website like disk space, CPU, bandwidth, RAM etc. All these things are only available to us at a limit. Shared hosting is quite cheap hosting compared to other hosting.
2. What is Virtual Private Server hosting VPS?
The VPS server is also called virtual dedicated server. In VPS hosting, virtually divides a physical server into multiple servers. That is, a certain part of a physical server is given to you. This is exactly the same way as you make your first class reservation in the train. In this, you get many times more resources than shared hosting. If you have high traffic and you do not want to take a dedicate server then the vps server will be right for you. However, these hosting is costly compared to shared hosting.
Keep in mind when buying a hosting.
If you want to buy hosting for your website, then you have to take care of some batten first, otherwise you may have to face a lot of problems later.
If you are creating a downloading site then you will need more cpu, ram and bandwidth, so take care of these things while purchasing hosting.
If you are new to the website of the website, then you buy hosting from a hosting company who offers you 24 * 7 customer support service and Because you will need a lot of support.Purchase hosting keeping your budget in mind. If you are going to create a new website, then start with the first shared hosting.
Web Hosting.
There are so many hosting provider companies on the internet who sell hosting. But whenever you buy a hosting, you should be the best indian hosting company.
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