About Kaveri River.


The location of Ganga in north India is the Kaveri river in the four states of southern India, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry. Ganga Kaveri river of the South is called. It is said that gold particles have been found in the water of Kaveri. Even in Tamil, Kaveri is called Ponni i.e. gold. It is said that celebration of Kaveri’s farewell festival is celebrated every year in Talakavari of Kurga.

Prior to plunge into the river, women throws some jewel in the river as a gift. Perhaps it is also believed that the gold particles continue to grow in the water of the river. Wherever Kaveri passes, greenery comes in. Sugarcane and paddy crops are abundant in where Kaveri flows.
The origin of Kaveri is in the Kargil of Karnataka. The Cauvery River irrigating Karnataka is found in the ocean in the Bay of Bengal. This is the place in Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu where Kaveri is found in the ocean. This whole journey of Kaveri is 772 km.
Cauvery varies greatly in the 772-kilometer journey. Looks slim somewhere. Shows somewhere a rowdy look. If it makes its way between two rocks, then its arms spread to one and a half kilometers, then it falls from a height of 350 feet. It is said that on the way to Kaveri, about 50 small rivers grow in their zenith.
It is said that the height of two feet of water has emerged from the pond only. The pond is in a small part of the mountain of six mountains on the pole.
Kanara and Hemavati and Lakshman Tirtha rivers meet in Kaveri. After meeting the Kanaka river in the Bhagamandalam in Karnataka, Kaveri gets the full form of the river. From Karni, Kavari joins Tamil Nadu with Salem and Coimbatore districts. On the boundary is the Hogangal Waterfall in Shivasamudram, which is called the Kumbh of smoke in Kannada. Here the Kaveri falls on the rocks so fast that its scattered spills spread like sky in the sky. Therefore it is called Hogangal.
In the plan to connect rivers, Kaveri has to be connected to 9 rivers, including Mahanadi and Godavari. According to the report of Central Water Resources Ministry, 21 cusecs of 36 cube kilometer water is available in the Kaveri river annually.


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