Effects of internet.


Whenever we think about internet  effects, what can be the effect of internet, what is the effect, but with changing time, the scale of what is bad is changing, and the bad habits of earlier children were very simple as if someone The child was more sweet or more like this, but there is still a time of technology. Now the habit of the people has changed, and they also have to be more dependent on technology rather than dependent.
Effects of internet.
Increasing trend of smartphones and more, due to dependence on our phone and internet, some problems end in our lives; many different types of other problems take place in our lives and we can understand them as the  effect of internet. Is there. Actually, our sleep time is completely connected to our phones and laptops because we give late night to our friends on social work or on social sites, we make our sleep irregular, whose Because of this, it has a very profound effect on our functionality. Because if we spoil our sleeping habit, our body clock becomes irregular, therefore not only are health related issues, but also many mental stresses have to be faced.
If you check the phone first after you wake up.
This is the most common problem for the youth of today, that they always worry that they are forgetting something and they do not want to miss a notification of their mobile so when they wake up in the morning, they First comes the idea of ​​your phone which is not a good sign and comes from good habits. Within a few days, this worry becomes a little bigger and this causes your mental problems so that you can make this difficult Remove the solution in such a way that whenever you go to sleep, do not sleep by placing your mobile with your headline and then go out to roam instead of checking the mobile in the morning after getting up in the morning because there is a better nature than your mobile. 
Crazy about social sites.
Whenever you are with your friends or if you have gone to roam with your family or with your special some one, then you should give more attention to those who know you than the ones you have with you and when you It is important to know that what your friend or family is talking about, if you are with family, than staying busy in social sites, then give some time to your friends for a while Give and ask them to listen and be a part of their conversation and quit while at EA social sites | When you are on holiday, if it is very important, then do not stay on more than one or half hour of social sites, after logging after some necessary updates are checked.
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