Hornbill Festival.


Hornbill Festival is one of Nagaland’s special and spectacular festivals. In which local people take part in the increase. Hornbill is the revered bird of Nagaland that you will find in the folklore, dances and gestures of this place. Every year from December 1 to 10 of the month of December, Nagaland gets absorbed in the festive splendor of this festival.

Where Hornbill Festival is Celebrated.
This festival is celebrated in the Naga Heritage village of Kisama, 12 km from Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. It starts from 9 a.m. For which you have to take a ticket too. Even by booking a taxi, you can easily reach.
Attractions of Hornbill Festival.
Hornbill Festival, which is organized every year by the Government of Nagaland, is also known as ‘Festival of Festivals’. It offers an opportunity to see different traditions, culture and many other things from the people living here. The special highlight of the festival is the unique performance of folklore, dance, competitions and different types of art. Handcrafted and handloom items decorated with shops offer unique samples of art. Stalls are accompanied by local dishes as well as other different types of flavors. Yes, do not forget to taste rice beers.
In the evening Hornbill rock concert raises whole Nagaland. In which the people of the country and abroad take part. During the evening, the markets are very different, but more adventurous is Naga Chile Eating and Pork Eating Festival, which do not miss at all.
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