What is money laundering?


Money Laundering is a process in which black money is made legal. This money is obtained through a variety of crimes including drug bargaining corruption fraud income tax evasion.In 1996, the International Monetary Fund had estimated that 2 to 5% of the world’s money laundering money was included in the global economy.
Ways to Launch Money.
It is also known as Smurfing. In this process, illegal money is divided into small deposits, it is the method of placement
2.Cash Smuggling.
In this process, cash is deposited at any institute in any other jurisdiction.
3.Cash trading
Such merchants can be obtained and legalization of their black money under the guise of trade.By making pawn to other companies  hide the real owner of the money
4.Bank capture.
Money laundering person usually buys the bank employee, it is mostly in the area where the system of black money laundering is weak.
5.Real estate
Property in real estate can be bought or sold through black money. Income from sale appears to be impaired for outsiders
6.Terrorist financing.
This process is not the process of making money laundering because the source of money laundering is hidden which is illegal.


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