How to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam for beginners.


So today we will discuss a very important topic. Today we will talk about (how to prepare for upsc  civil services exam). And this article is very benificial for everyone, whether it is begginers or those aspirants  who have given  the exam but they did not qualify yet.So without wasting  any time. Let us start.(How to prepare for upsc civil services exam).

Pattern of exam.

First of all know the pattern of exam.There are 3  stages in upsc (cse).




We will discuss these 3 stages.And I will tell you the pattern and syllabus for prelims and mains.

For prelims.

There are 2 papers in prelims.and they both are objective type.

Paper 1-200 marks

Paper 2 (csat)-200 marks

Syllabus of paper 1

1.current events of national and international importance.

2.history of india and indian national movement.

3.general science.

4. Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.

5. Economic and Social Development Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.

6. General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialization

7.india and world geography-physical,social,economic geography of india and world.

Syllabus for paper 2 (csat)


2.interpersonal skills includingf communications skills.

3.logical reasoning and analytical ability

4.decision making and problem solving.

5.general mental ability.

6. Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. – Class X level).

Mains exam and Syllabus.

1.essay art and culture,history and geography of world and society). 2-(polity,governance,constitution,social justice and international relations).,economic development,biodiversity,environment,security and disaster management).,aptitude and integrity).

6.optional (paper-1)

7optional (paper 2)

8.paper A (Indian language)

9.paper B English

How to prepare for upsc (civil services exam).

Friends, in our society there is a one myth that upsc is very tough to crack.But this is very wrong thinking.Upsc is very easy to crack.Upsc is tough for those people who do not work hard, do not do smart studies, and easy for those people who do a smart study and work hard.So now we will discuss (how to prepare for upsc).

1.First of all, you have to clear your basics. Because the UPSC is mostly asking the question from the basic.So you have to clear your basics from NCERT. Start with NCERT  and clear your basics. And revise your topics 4 to 5 times , if you do not revise it, then you will forget, so you have to revise what you are reading.

2. Focus more on current affairs. Give 1 to 2 hours on current affairs everyday.Because UPSC is more focussing on current affairs.And current affairs also clears  your many basic concepts.So you have read current affairs everyday,if you want to crack this exam.

3..If you are preparing for (upsc) then you have to adopt a right approach. You have to study in a right way.

4.. If you are doing the preparation then you have to  adopt  4 things i.e. (dedication,positive attitude,smart study and hard work). If these things are in you then no one can stop you from clearing this exam.

5..If you are preparing for upsc then you have to study 8 to 9 hrs per day.Whether you are beginner or  those people who attempted this exam   2 to 3 times.

6.You have to keep yourself away from social media when u study because social media distracts you  in your studies.And if you use social media then you should be in touch from those aspirants who prepares only for upsc,

7.If you are preparing for the upsc , then use the internet too much. Because the internet helps you very much while preparing for the upsc exam. In todays time we have an   internet facility and we have to  take full advantage of it  such as (Wikipedias, You Tube) etc. If we do not understand any concept then we can use wikipedia and there are many lectures in you tube that we can see and get benefit from that,and make sure that don’t use internet for rubbish things, only use internet  that is related to study.

8.And always make a friendship with the positive people that only motivate you and ignore negative people because positive attitude is very important for this exam.

9.When you study then divide your subjects in hrs.Because if you study only 1 subject for 8 to 9 hrs then you will get bored that’s why divide your subjects because it is beneficial for you and helps you to clearing this exam.

10.And make a strategy and set a small targets that you achive in a day.And take a small breaks while study.for e.g.  if you study history for 1 hr,then after 1 hr take a small break for 15 or 20 minutes.These breaks will fresh your mind.

So in this article I have told you that (how to prepare for upsc civil services exam).And I hope this article helps you in your preparation.And friends share this article with your social media groups and do preparation with a positive attitude and crack this exam.

Thank You.


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