Know about Periyar River.


Periyar river is the largest river in the length of the state of Kerala. Periyar means the word ‘big river’ too. Periyar, the important state of Kerala state in its south, is considered to be the river.

Periyar is the perennial river of south India. Friends, you know, there are mainly two types of rivers found here. One of North India and one of South India. Nadia of north India is a baramahasi because it is originally from Himalayas and the Nadiya of South India, due to its dependence on rain water, is proof of its perenniality. But Periyar is the only such river in South India which is perennial.

This river flows from the Western Ghats. Periyar’s role is very important in the financial system of Kerala. Idukki Dam is produced on this river. This dam is largely used for generating electricity and also the river is important for cultivation. 25% of industrial factories in Kerala are dependent on this river. This river is also called the life-force of Kerala.

Periyar Tiger Reserve in the region of Periyar, is the Thattankada Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is 25 sq. Km. Is spread over the area. This sanctuary is highly endowed by such great patristic Dr. Salim Ali.


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