Know the Concept and results of Green Revolution.


In order to tackle the food crisis, a committee was set up in 1966 to fix a new food policy, in which additional emphasis was placed on enhancing food grain production in the country.

The Committee also expressed concern that many foreign powers are trying to influence our internal and external policy by taking advantage of India’s food crisis. Therefore, to avoid this, India needs to become self-reliant in the field of food grains.

Green Revolution is meant to increase the food production faster by using the latest techniques and facilities. Under this, agricultural production increased rapidly after 1966 by using improved seeds and fertilizers, pesticides and advanced agricultural machines.

This increase in agricultural production is known as Green Revolution. Government has provided seeds to the farmers on cheap prices and provide loans for machines. Also, the sources of irrigation were developed. Indian Agricultural Research Council has been encouraged for the development of agricultural science and technology.

In the Green Revolution of India, Norman Borlaug and M.S. Agriculture scientists like Swaminathan have a special contribution. Normann Borlag has made special contribution in exploring advanced varieties of wheat to increase agricultural production. At the time of Green Revolution, Dr. Swaminathan was the Director of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and under his supervision advanced seeds and other techniques were made available to the farmers. In India, an agricultural award is also given in their name.

Green Revolution Results

1. Due to the rapid increase in the production of foodgrains, India received self-sufficiency in the food grains sector. Now there is no need for India to depend on foreign countries for food grains.

2. Due to the Green Revolution, interest was created to adopt new techniques of agriculture in the farmers. Because of this, the prospects of increasing agricultural production have increased in the future.

3. The effect of Green Revolution was high in some areas of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, so here the level of life of the farmers increased. With the expansion of agricultural operations, new employment opportunities have also been provided to agricultural laborers.

4. Green Revolution also had positive impact on industrial development. Agriculture-based industries have grown rapidly. Simultaneously the agricultural machinery industry also grew.

Green Revolution in India

In fact, greenery is considered to be a major factor in human life. Being green is considered to be green and prosperous. Similarly, when a woman is blessed to be ‘lap green’, then it means that the filling of a lap i.e. Celebration of greenery tee in Savannah is celebrated.

In this sense, the meaning of Harer Kranti is also meaningful of the country’s grain or food rich or self-sufficient, it is absolutely reasonable. It is believed that on this land of India, it was the motivation to cultivate the fruits of the fruits and trees and plant seeds etc. by seeing them re-growing and working to do farm work to solve their food problems. From here on, this consciousness and action has also taken place in other countries of the earth. Even such absolute scholars accept.

This fact is also revealed from the fact that only India on this Earth is a country, which is still considered as an agriculture-oriented or agricultural-country country and is considered. But when the country started hunting for foreign invasions, the other started to increase its population, with the change of third time, the system of irrigation etc. and the use of new useful tools could not be used, the fourth foreign minded politician and crooked He became a victim of famine and died many times due to famine.

You have to be forced to abandon your home and sell yourself till you sell your property. Is not it weird thing Even after the above facts were exposed to the light of daylight, even after attaining independence, our so-called Indian, on the other hand, converged on the fact that the hawk of imposing the octagonal dams and Kal-factories in the west; But those people who have to do all this, can not think of their fill. Instead of promoting the farming and modernizing it in every way, PL from the US After settling on an agreement like I 80.

The consequences of this came out on the occasion of Indo-Pak war of 1965 at that time. When the US stopped the ship coming to India with grains to teach India a lesson. The US, who was concerned about lifting the bowl of Pakistan always full of its cup, thought that in such a way, India would put weapons in front of the hunger strike. And his Jamura will make Kashmir his colony in the joy of Pakistan victory.

But the then Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, directly connected to the Indian soil at that time, ‘Jai Kisan’ with ‘Jai Jawan’. The slogan was also invented. As a result, a new era began to become self-reliant about Anaji – an era of bringing green revolution. It can be said that the era of bringing green revolution from India in the fire of war has spread, and spreading rapidly all around today, it made the country greenish – that is, making the country completely self reliant on food grains. Gave . The Green Revolution has solved India’s food problem, and completely changed the life of its growers. That is, their poverty was also removed. All the small farmer farmers made themselves able to see the door of prosperity and happiness.

Other people related to farming and ceremonial work also benefited greatly. The farmers’ enthusiasm was increased by the means of pleasure, so they got pulses. The oilseeds, reed and green fodder etc. started growing in more quantity. With this all these things also lacked the absence of. Farmers-farmers have a hand in bringing green revolution. This new Anuky-is indeed a very big hand of governmental-non-governmental institutions on rice and use. He advanced the seeds of development so as to observe the cultivation of soil-test also pointed out that where farming can find which more than sow the fruits and benefits in the soil.

Using new pesticides, proper use and use of khadi. As a result, overall green revolution could be possible. To maintain the green revolution, to increase the amount of the -pa are today leading to use Anusndhatmk several types. The seeds are under development. Additionally, the government has some issues tossed like Petentikrn of seeds under the non-agreement, this is what things politicians gained increased possibility of foreign intervention .. can not be a good signal to decide the future of them all. If the situation of self-esteem is today, it remained and thus the experiment continued to be adaptable. Only then can the future of Green Revolution be considered as bright.


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